Truck Simulator 2016 Free - North America Cargo Routes App Reviews

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Don’t get this game


It's so stupid like take it off the app store

Add a free play one

I want a free play and make the game wild


Horrible!! The pictures look beast!! The actual game is horrible!! Don't waste your money on a stupid game!! DO NOT BUY IT


If I had the option to put s no star I would

Copy of alexandru marusac


No no no NO NO

do not get it is crap and is a wast of space. ( ps it dose NOT look like what is on the cover at all)


Does not work can't turn

Waste of space

Absolute trash

Don't waste your space this game is so stupid

Okay first of all every time I steer the truck tilts and the trucks cost money. Don't waste time


This game is horrible even for it being free. With this game I felt like I should be playing on a game that was on the pc's 20 years ago.

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